Neuropsychological Development During the Prodrome to Psychosis

Principal Investigator:
Kristen Woodberry, M.S.W., A.M.

Project advisors:
Anthony Giuliano, Ph.D., Larry Seidman, Ph.D., Matthew Nock, Ph.D., Jill Hooley, Ph.D., William Cook, Ph.D., and William McFarlane, M.D.

Study Overview
Although premorbid neuropsychological (NP) impairments are often cited in support of neurodevelopmental models of schizophrenia and related psychotic illnesses, very little is known about the developmental course of these impairments in relation to psychosis onset. Cross-sectional studies of premorbid and prodromal NP functioning as well as historical prospective and longitudinal cohort and high risk studies suggest a possible progression of impairment immediately preceding or accompanying illness onset. However, there is to date only one published report providing prospective longitudinal data on NP functioning during the prodromal phase to acute psychosis. This dissertation research examines NP profiles and development over one year in a sample of putatively prodromal young people relative to a matched control sample.