Marc Cohen, MD

Instructor in Medicine

Assistant Medical Director, Healthcare Associates (HCA)

Dr. Marc Cohen trained in primary care internal medicine at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. He was awarded the C. William Hanson II Prize for Outstanding Primary Care Resident at his residency graduation. Dr. Cohen joined the faculty at BIDMC in 2007 as a primary care physician in Healthcare Associates. An excellent teacher, Dr. Cohen completed a Rabkin Fellowship in Medical Education in 2009. In 2012, Dr. Cohen became an Assistant Medical Director in Healthcare Associates. Dr. Cohen is Co-Chair of the Narcotics Committee and actively teaches and mentors students and residents in his practice.

During the Linde Family Fellowship, Dr. Cohen seeks to develop a comprehensive plan for standardizing and implementing universal care team huddles within Healthcare Associates as part of the practice’s ongoing transition to a Patient Centered Medical Home model of care. His main goals include increasing ownership and buy-in from all HCA care team members, developing a structured checklist for care team huddles, increasing effectiveness by providing data reports that can be accessed and utilized during huddles, and decrease barriers by providing coaching and role play opportunities. He hopes to measure success by analyzing qualitative and quantitative measures including provider & staff surveys, documentation of team huddle occurrences, and measures of population health and quality of care.

Ford Kelly Ford, MD

Assistant Professor in Medicine

Resident Practice Director, Healthcare Associates (HCA)

Dr. Kelly Ford came to Beth Israel Hospital as a medical intern in 1993. After completing her internal medicine residency at the Beth Israel Hospital, Dr. Ford joined the faculty at Rush Medical College and served as an attending physician at Cook County Hospital and Woodlawn Community Clinic. There she held several leadership roles, including director of the Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening Program. In 1999, Dr. Ford returned to BIDMC and joined the faculty at Healthcare Associates (HCA). Dr. Ford became the HCA Resident Practice Director in 2012. She is actively involved in improving the resident outpatient curriculum, ensuring an outstanding clinical education for the residents, and helping residents achieve excellent clinical outcomes for their patient panels.

Dr. Ford’s Linde Family Fellowship project seeks to enhance the educational content of the patient panels that residents manage in their outpatient clinic over three years. In order to increase the size, diversity, and continuity of care of the housestaff panels, Dr. Ford has identified three core objectives of her project. The first is to develop a panel initiation plan that would enable interns to more rapidly and completely connect with their new clinic panel. The second phase is to create standardized quantitative and qualitative tools to evaluate housestaff panels in terms of gender, age, complexity, and educational opportunity. Last, Dr. Ford hopes to develop an integrated panel transfer process that would help faculty, housestaff, patients, and clinical support teams with the transition at the time of a resident’s graduation.

Molina Elizabeth Molina Ortiz, MD, MPH, CDE

Medical Director, Joseph M. Smith CHC

Dr. Elizabeth Molina received her medical degree and MPH from Tufts. She trained in family medicine at the Beth Israel Hospital Residency in Urban Family Practice in New York. After her residency graduation in 2007, Elizabeth joined the Institute for Family Health in New York, a network of 17 federally qualified health centers. She practiced in an underserved area of the Bronx and became the Diabetes Medical Director of the Institute’s 70 primary care providers, supervising the care of 6700 diabetic patients while working with her team of 7 certified diabetes educators and 4 diabetes case managers. In 2013, Dr. Molina moved to Boston and joined the Joseph M. Smith Community Health Center in Allston where she was Associate Medical Director before her promotion to Medical Director.

Dr. Molina’s Linde Family Fellowship project seeks to develop actionable chronic disease registries for diabetes, hypertension and asthma. Joseph M. Smith Community Health Center currently has the beginnings of these registries, but Dr. Molina’s project would refine the registries by establishing clinically appropriate process and outcome targets, developing a workflow for identifying and targeting at-risk patients, and enhancing existing education visits associated with these populations. Dr. Molina hopes to develop a work plan with the IT department to perform quality assessment on existing databases. She also plans to create and train a multidisciplinary team to help develop a systemic approach to outreach and target those most at risk. Lastly, Dr. Molina aims to improve existing nursing education visits by developing policies and procedures to help transform nursing visits to provide education on crucial management of asthma, diabetes and hypertension.

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